Lingerie for special occacions

If you’re buying lingerie for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s day, I would recommend you to do your shopping at . They have a complete section for Valentine’s day and even for Bridal lingerie. I bought the cutest bridal robe for one of my best friends from this website, and she loved it. She thought is felt more luxurious and not as mainstream as many other bridal robes you can buy at Victoria’s Secret for example. Bouxavenue’s customer service has a high rate, which I understand, because they are really professional. I received my robe right on time and the packaging was beautiful. I would guess even men would rate their customer service to be very high, because they have a whole section on their website which helps men buy lingerie for their girlfriends/wives. The give the men tips of how to think and how their sizes works etc, and I think is a very thoughtful section to have. I can imagine it must be hard to by a bra as a man, since they have no preferences of their own then it comes to how the fit should be and stuff like that.